exploreEXPLORE is “to investigate, study, or analyze; to look into; to become familiar with by experimenting and/or testing.”

EXPLORE is a new name of a familiar program that used to be called Confirmation here at SCPC.  The name was changed to better reflect what we are actually doing at this point with the youth in the program. We invite high school aged youth, beginning with 9th graders,  to join in this new EXPLORATION of faith, with a carefully chosen adult mentors for each one of them.

EXPLORE began in late 2016 with 7 youth “mentos” and 7 adult “mentors.” Working with the EXPLORE program this year have been Michael Ozaki, Dean Lindsey, Deannine Shipman, and Diana Malcom.  Most of the time spent together EXPLORING is between partners, with only three main group meetings, and an initial retreat.  We have been having a great time getting to know one another, and more importantly to EXPLORE what it means to live a Christian life.

“Being a Christian is more than something you claim, it is something you live by.”

The group worked together to discern what the main things a Christian would do in day to day life. Such things might be worship, pray, fight for justice, etc.  Then, partners were invited to EXPLORE these areas by way of ACTIVITIES or “stepping stones” of their choosing, and reflect on where and why Jesus is found in it.  This plan has given the partners a chance to meet on days that worked for them and outside of regular church programming.

The EXPLORE program ends on April 23rd, when youth are invited to make a first profession of faith.  This is only one milestone on a life-long journey of exploring the grace of God all around us.

In the meantime, we invite you to pray for our youth and adult EXPLORERS!

  • Sarah Ambrose, and her mentor, Melanie Wassom
  • Jack Erickson, and his mentor, Glenn Hunter
  • Ainsley Glaze, and her mentor, Cynthia Lukyanenko
  • Kendall Kleinman, and her mentor, Peggy Lindsey
  • Liam Scholton, and his mentor, Rhett McLaren
  • Izzy Warren, and her mentor, Beth Hunter
  • Marcus Wheeler, and his mentor, Blair Malcom


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