God has blessed each of us with wonderful and unique talents and gifts.  All members — especially new members — are encourage to complete the  survey so we may know of your interests.

After you complete the survey we will forward the information to the appropriate staff person/ministry unit and they will be in touch with you about how you would like to be involved — at whatever level you choose.

Time and Talent Survery

Time and Talent Survery
  • Talents and Interests Member Profile

    God has blessed each of us with wonderful and unique talents and gifts. Included in this survey are opportunities for involvement at State College Presbyterian Church. Please check the areas that are of interest to you and where you would like to participate. If you are already involved in an activity or program, please check it off on this survey. If you have completed a survey in the past, please do so again so we may update your interests.
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  • Worship Help

    Greet worshipers at one of the entrances on Sunday mornings - especially encouraged for new members, this is a great way to get to know folks!
    We will train you!
    help lead worship by reading scripture lessons and prayer
    Create banners, artwork, etc.
  • Behind the Scenes

    a great way to quickly get to know folks!
  • Reaching Out

  • Music

    Seasonal - Candlelight Choir, Special Project Choir, etc.
  • please specify
  • Fellowship Opportunities

    meets monthly for a pot-luck dinner and program
  • Children and Youth Programs

  • Sunday School

  • LOGOS (grades 1-8)

    Meets Tuesdays 4-7 pm (grades 1-5) 5-8 pm (grades 6-8)
  • Senior Highs - FISH (Fellowship In Sr. High)

    Meets Wednesday Evenings 6-8:30 pm
  • College-Age

    Thursday evenings
    Thursday evenings or Sunday Luncheons
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  • Please specify Department
  • Would You Like to Learn More About...?

    Visit Shut-in Seniors
  • Do You Have a Background in:

  • Please specify
  • Skills Inventory

    Many of our members have particular skills that they could use periodically to help the church or others.
  • please specify
  • please list
  • If you have questions about any of these areas, please contact the church office: officescpc@gmail.com.

  • Thank you for completing this survey!