In our western culture, we’ve lost significant rites of passage traditionally offered by elder mentormen mentoring boys into the ways of mindful and authentic manhood. The consequences are great.  Today’s news headlines are full of self-centered, ill-behaved males who abuse power while grabbing things that don’t belong to them. The need for mentoring is great, and The Crossings seeks to fill that void.

The Crossings is an experiential rite of passage based on the teachings of spiritual elders down through the ages.  In its tenth year, The Crossings elders have initiated over 80 males from many faiths and backgrounds, giving them the tools they need to negotiate the challenging journey of becoming a man.

This year’s Crossings retreat will be held from Thursday evening May 25 through Sunday afternoon May 28, 2017.  A parent Meeting will be held on May 11 at 7:00 pm in Room 10 of the State College Presbyterian Church.  For more info, contact Pastor Mike Ozaki (814-238-2422) or Paul Meister (814-777-8112).

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