Haiti Travel Team Report 

The Haiti Travel Team is home safe and sound, having enjoyed the Christmas and New Year’s holidays thankful for the blessings of their experience in Haiti over the Thanksgiving holiday.  One of the intentions they held as they left home was to explore whether we, as a congregation, should rekindle our relationship and close connection to CODEP, which is supported by the Haiti Fund, Inc.  They came home with a strong feeling of “YES!” and, it would be an honor to find ways to support the project.  It is truly doing good and sustainable work in Haiti, a place of great struggle and great potential.  The struggle comes from many fronts (political, cultural, economic, etc.) and some of the great potential is seated in the land itself.  CODEP is doing wonderful things to leverage the advantages the mountain areas can offer.  The travel team looks forward to sharing what we learned with you, the support team.  Find one of them to talk to in the hallways — they are happy to share!

Members of the 2012 team were: Miranda Auhl (PSU Student/WPF Board Member), Kathryn Gaylord-Miles (young adult member of SCPC), Kim Hunkizer (SCPC Mission Associate, Alex Hunziker (Middle Schooler), Anna Hunziker (middle Schooler), Karen Mastin (SCPC Mission Ministry Unit member and Haiti Fund, Inc/CODEP veteran), Mike McQueary (SCPC member), Emily Reichard (SCPC/FISH High School senior), Ken Raney (member of Pine Grove Mills Presbyterian Church), Phil Tometich (SCPC member and Haiti Fund, Inc/CODEP veteran, Seamus Wagner (FISH High School senior), Beth Zong (member of McVeytown Presbyterian Church and Haiti veteran).


Living Waters for the World

In August 2010 eight of our church members traveled to the Mexican town of Pencuyut in the Yucatan.  There they finished the installation of a water purification system to provide a reliable source of clean water.  As part of their mission they also educated community members in the use and maintenance of the system.  In August 2011 two of the team members made a trip back to check on the project.  Click the link below to learn more about Living Waters for the World and to get involved.