General Contractor Hire

We have contracted with C.L. Greenland, Inc. to renovate the Sanctuary interior startingpews_2718c after Labor Day,  For several months, the Sanctuary will be in various states of repair, but we will be able to worship in it each Sunday, as usual.  In addition, no work will take place from December 4th to December 25th, as we are very busy with Advent and Christmas activities.  We hope to have all work finished prior to February 2, 2018.

During this time, the following actions will be taken:

  1. All plaster will be repaired, to include the walls in the stairwell from the tower room to the Social Hall.  Also, the flat ceilings above and underneath the balcony will be resurfaced.
  2. All ceilings and walls will be repainted.  The ceilings will be painted a low-luster-sheen ceiling white to help reflect light downward.  The walls will be painted a low-luster-sheen color called “Pearl”.  This color is the same color as the current walls, only much lighter to brighten up the Sanctuary.
  3. The first row of pews will be moved back one row and oak flooring will be installed from the first row of pews up through the choir loft.  This is being done for two purposes: (1) to improve acoustics and (2) to provide more room for our traditional Services when we bring in additional orchestral instruments.  The left front pew will be shortened to match the right front pew to allow for additional seating for worshipers with disabilities.  In addition, the front section of pews will have approximately 2-1/2″ more room between each row of pews for easier access.
  4. All carpet from the oak flooring rearward will be replaced, as will the carpet in the “bridge” between the front of the Sanctuary and the elevator/stairwell.  The main floor carpeting will be squares, which can be removed and replaced if stained or worn, while the balcony and stairs will be continuous broadloom carpet of the same design.  The carpet is basically a medium gray, with the colors of the pew pads and the stained glass windows in it.  New sub-flooring will be placed under the carpet to even up the floor.
  5. The three existing radiator covers will be removed and all 16 radiators on the main floor, in the Narthex, and in the balcony will have wooden radiator covers installed over them.
  6. In a separate contract, a new, permanent video projection system will be installed projecting onto the front walls.

We ask you to bear with us.  The renovation will take place in approximately 5 phases, so there may be sections of the Sanctuary with new paint and new carpet, while other sections will have the current paint and carpet during services.  Also, those of you who normally sit in the very back of the Sanctuary under the balcony will need to move forward as this section, back of the step, will be used to store contractor equipment during the renovation.  Also, at some point, those of you who normally sit in the balcony may need to temporarily relocate.  Note that we did consider closing the Sanctuary entirely during renovation and holding worship services, Sunday School, and social hour elsewhere, but thought that staying in our Sanctuary and keeping the disruption to a minimum would be the best method to proceed.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we all deal with this temporary inconvenience.

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