During May, our contractor, C.L. Greenland, Inc., will be window-replacmentworking on 83 double-hung windows in the Education Building and the basement of the Sanctuary Building.  He will be replacing 44 single-pane wood windows (like in the picture) with vinyl-clad double-pane windows.  He will also be cladding the trim wood around 56 windows.  Finally, he will be covering the steel lentils (the metal trim above each window) over 71 windows.  The goal here, as part of the “Restoring God’s House” campaign is to make SCPC more energy efficient and maintenance-free.  Also, these windows will tilt in, which makes cleaning them much easier and less expensive.

In addition, Epiphany Studios is making good progress on restoring our chancel window.  The window is being traced to ensure it is disassembled stainedglass0420-1and assembled correctly.  As it is disassembled, the old lead is removed and properly disposed of.  Then, each pane of glass is meticulously cleaned.  This is especially important because we saw, as the window was removed, that some of the glass had become almost opaque from dirt and chemical deposits.  Next, the window is re-leaded with new lead with a round face to the lead (rather than the original flat-faced lead), which will make the window stronger.  The chancel window is due to be re-installed the first week of June, 2017.  At that time, the interior wood will be stainedglass0420-2refinished.  Sections of the exterior wood that have rotted will be replaced and the exterior wood sealed, primed, and painted.  Finally, a laminated-glass protective cover will be installed over the window to protect the window from the weather and other damage.

Finally, during May, 2017, Envinity, Inc. will be installing additional insulation in the insulationattic-0420Sanctuary attic above the balcony.  There is currently about 4″ of granular insulation in this attic.  We had a laboratory test this insulation to determine if it contained asbestos and would need to be removed.  The lab tests confirmed that the existing insulation was safe, so Envinity will add additional blown-in insulation over the granular insulation.

If you have any questions about what we are doing, please contact Don Hartzell (703-347-5059).


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