We are called upon by God to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and to unite ourselves into a body of Christian believers who can carry out God’s mission.  The State College Presbyterian Church is just such a group of Christians placed here in State College to do God’s work.  The Session is charged with the oversight of our Church’s activities.  The congregation and the Session employ a pastoral, program, and administrative staff to help carry out the work of the Church.

The Personnel Ministry Unit is responsible to insure that our Church Staff is appropriately remunerated and supported so they can give their whole attention to the work before them.  As they dedicate themselves to their work, the Personnel Ministry Unit must dedicate itself to the task of providing just compensation, housing (for pastoral staff), retirement and health benefits, educational opportunities, vacations and an appropriate and comfortable working environment. In brief, this includes all matters pertaining to the compensation, care and welfare of the staff.

The Personnel Ministry Unit is also responsible to the Session and the congregation to insure that we are good stewards of the financial resources available.  We must, from time to time, advise and counsel with them on how the resources are or should be utilized in support of our staff.

Some of the more specific activities are as follows:

  1. Promulgate and maintain appropriate personnel policies
  2. Draft and maintain position descriptions
  3. Conduct annual reviews with each staff member
  4. Recruit and hire for all staff positions except for ordained pastors who are called by the congregation
  5. Provide appropriate health benefit plans for staff
  6. Supervise all church personnel relationships, and serve as a grievance committee to resolve grievances
  7. Prepare and recommend annual personnel budget, including adjustments in salary and benefits
  8. All other personnel related issues

Current chair of Personnel: Lam Hood