parking garage

As our program year is underway we ask that you please remember these parking regulations:

Church Parking Lot – If you are not here on Church business, please do not park in the church parking lot.  We ask that you especially avoid parking in the lot around the 9:00 am and noon hours on weekdays when Stay and Play parents are dropping off and picking up children.  The building is always busy with programs and meetings so please use the public parking areas if you are not here for a church related reason.

First National Bank Parking Lot – This small parking lot next to the drive-in branch is an employee parking lot.  The Bank allows us to park in this lot on SUNDAY MORNINGS ONLY.  At all other times any car without an employee sticker will be towed at the owner’s expense.  If you are coming to the church to drop off or pick up your child at Stay and Play or for after school/early evening programs, please use the church lot, the municipal lot or the parking garages.

State College Post Office – Parking is NOT permitted  in the Post office Lot or the 15 minute spaces on Fraser Street that are provided for postal patrons.  Evenings and Sundays are included.  Please use the church, municipal lots or parking garages that are available for public parking.

Beaver Avenue Parking Garage – Parking is free on Sunday mornings in the Beaver Avenue Parking Garage except for a few special events weekends including Penn State home football weekends.  On these Sundays you can stop at the Welcome Desk before or after worship to pick up a parking voucher to be used for that Sunday only, which will pay for your parking (up to 3 hours).  There is no cost to the church for this service.  On all other non-event Sundays, there is no parking charge in the garages and no voucher is needed.

Thank you!

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