Our New Hybrid Organ

Have you noticed any difference in our Pipe Organ?  First, it is now correctly called a hybrid organ.  In addition to the 1800+ pipes that we have had since 1967, many new digital sounds have been added to the organ.  This qualifies it to be a “hybrid.” You’ve probably noticed that the console (keyboards) has a new home on the floor.  This was to enable the organ technicians to move the console to the center of the room to better hear the sounds as they “voiced” the entire organ.    Voicing gives each organ sound its unique qualities, balances each organ sound with the other organ sounds, makes the sounds fit the room, and gives the organ character.  We liked the versatility this location offered so we decided to keep it there. 

The organ installation and all that was involved in the project was completed in 2012 — thanks to all who contributed to making it possible!


Organ 2 REV-Smaller