1. The basic assignment is to propagate the faith and carry out humanitarian work. This is accomplished by assisting and encouraging the congregation to: worship regularly, witness and share God’s love in their lives; serve God and neighbor; and give their time, talent and money to further the church’s mission, locally and throughout the world.
  2. Organize the mission effort into three Elder chaired units:  Local Mission, University Student Mission, and National and World Mission.  Recruit persons for each unit and meet regularly, Inform and invite new church members to the Mission Units.
  3. Develop and maintain a year-round Mission Interpretation Program in the church.  Include such activities as: enlistment of Mission Advocates for the church, coordinate Mission Updates and the  use of bulletin articles and inserts; maintain a mission bulletin board; keep informed regarding matters of significance by Presbytery, Synod and the General Assembly; and interpret studies or actions to the Session and congregation.
  4. Actively participate in the planning and implementation of the stewardship program for the congregation.  Organize, publicize and conduct special mission offerings such as One Great Hour of Sharing and the Christmas Joy Offerings.
  5. Determine the allocation of mission funds and maintain a relationship with recipients.
  6. Serve as liaison with other mission related congregation groups such as the Deacons, Presbyterian Women and other care groups.
  7. Arrange for pulpit speakers and children and adult education programs with a mission theme.
  8. Establish a yearly mission calendar of special offerings, mission updates, conference attendance, special peacemaking and hunger activities education sessions and other mission events.

Current chair of Mission:  Mitch Kirsch