The Membership Ministry Unit is responsible for welcoming visitors and encouraging new members to join our faith community. We provide greeters at the entrance doors and the Welcome Desk on Sundays and hold a New Member Class four times a year.

Responsibilities include:

1.         Attract, invite, process new members
            A.     External Public Relations
                     (1)     Coordinate with Church Staff the preparation and release to local media
                               of sermon topics and opportunities
                     (2)     Provide guidance, and coordinate with staff the use of paid advertising of
                               church services and special events
                     (3)     Prepare news releases of special events and activities for direct release to
                     (4)     Monitor publicity in newspaper, radio, TV
                     (5)     Serve as consultant to various church groups relative to external public
           B.     Greeters and Name Tags
                    (1)     Greeters
                              a.     Arrange for greeters for each Sunday morning worship service. 
                                      Two greeters normally should be at each sanctuary entrance
                              b.     Inform greeters of their responsibilities:  arrive half hour before
                                      service, wear name tag, offer name tags to those not wearing them,
                                      welcome worshipers
                              c.     Notify church office of names of greeters for bulletin
                              d.     Make special attempt to ask new members to be greeters
                   (2)     Name Tags
                             a.  Order name tags for new members class and when requested by
            C.   Welcome Desk
                   (1)     Sign-up Session Members to staff the Welcome Desk
                   (2)     Inform Session members of their responsibilities: times they need to staff
                             the desk, wear their name tags, welcome worshipers – particularly                                            visitors, answer questions and provide information about church ad its
                             hand out parking vouchers if needed
                   (3)     Make sure office has parking vouchers available
                   (4)     Notify church office of the names of those staffing the desk for the bulletin
                   (5)     Church office will mail out reminder cards
                   (6)     Keep desk stocked with pertinent up-to-date materials
D.             Pew Pads
                  (1)     Check pew pads weekly and note names in following categories: first-time
                            visitors,, local visitors, those looking for church home, and University
                            students.  Keep card file of visitors and list of University students. 
                  (2)     Send a welcome letter to first-time visitors and talk to those looking for
                            church home.  Inform them of relevant church groups.  Refer special
                            concerns to staff
E.            Brochures
               (1)     Develop appropriate brochure(s) describing (SCPC) church and its programs
               (2)     Provide brochures for New Member Class
               (3)     Provide brochures to be available in sanctuary for visitors and prospective
F.           New Member Class
               (1)     Consult with office staff to schedule class dates
               (2)     Develop programs, including presenters and materials
               (3)     Publicize class in church bulletin
               (4)     Arrange to send invitations to prospective members
               (5)     Arrange for child care, if needed
               (6)     Provide registration information
               (7)     Distribute and collect Time and Talent Survey Form during class time.  Give
                         to coordinator of Time and Talent
               (8)     Arrange for meeting with Session to receive new members.  Provide name
                         tags with red ribbons for new members
               (9)     Photograph new members for “New Member Photo Display”
               (10)   Provide follow-up phone call 3-4 months after joining
               (11)    Annual New Member Reception
2.          Maintain membership
              A.     Service Opportunities
                       (1)     Provide survey form to New Member class
                       (2)     tabulate responses and distribute names and associated interests to
                                 appropriate church committees and units
                       (3)     Maintain file of responses for continuing use
                       (4)     After appropriate period (6 months?) contact those members to see if
                                 they are satisfied with experience in the church
                       (5)     Arrange for follow-up on expressions of dissatisfaction
                       (6)     Every few years provide entire congregation with Time and Talent
                                 Survey form so interests are updated
             B.     Church Friend Program
                     (1)     Request current members to complete cards to serve as a “Church
                               Friend” to new members
                     (2)     Introduce the concept/availability of a  “Church Friend” to new members
                               during class
                     (3)     Provide “Church Friend” to new members at time of joining
                     (4)     Continually review and update Church Friend cards
            C.     Pictorial Directory
                     (1)     Help to determine when new directory or update needed (every 5 years)
                     (2)    Contact various agencies to get bids to produce directory, secure approval
                              for agency chosen
                     (3)     Make arrangements, as necessary, for photographs
                     (4)     Make arrangements, as necessary, for viewing proofs and ordering
                     (5)     Make arrangements for distribution of directory
            D.     Maintain Membership Rolls
                     (1)     Update rolls with new members
                     (2)     Conduct annual review of rolls
                               a.      Contact members to see of their desire to become inactive
                               b.      Contact persons who appear to have neither attended nor
                                        contributed within a committee-specified period of time relative to
                                       their desire to become inactive or be dropped
                               c.     Contact persons with out-of-town addresses relative to their desire                                          to have membership transferred, to become inactive or to be
                               d.  Attempt to ascertain addresses for persons on roll without current
                                    addresses and contact, if necessary.
                               e.  Provide Session (at their December meeting) with a list of persons 
                                    should be transferred to inactive status or dropped from the rolls.

STAFF FOR THE MINISTRY:  Membership & Program Associate 
Current co-chairs for Membership:  Linda Finley 
Rev. by Membership October 2009