hurricane-harveyHurricane Harvey Response Officials are saying that Hurricane Harvey is an “unprecedented storm”, “causing the worst flooding in state history”.

Starting this Sunday we will have 2 ways you can help.

1) There will be a meeting in Room 10 immediately following worship (9/3)  for anyone willing to help collect “clean up bucket” items to be delivered to “Presbyterian Disaster Assistance” the following week. We will be also looking to meet with anyone willing to help organize a spring break mission trip to help rebuilding in partnership with Pastor Dean’s former congregation in Houston.

2) On Sunday September 10th drop off your “clean up bucket” items and donations (listed below) to be delivered to those in need by “Presbyterian Disaster Assistance”.

Keep an eye out for more information about a spring mission trip to help with cleanup and rebuilding in the spring.

Lastly, keep all those whose lives and homes are in danger in your thoughts as we continue to pray with our words and our hands.

Items Requested By Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Listed below are items that will be needed as a first response to the devastation.

Mission Central Cleaning Buckets are used to help disaster victims begin cleaning up their homes and lives after the storm ends, a great help to those starting to rebuild.

(Bucket assembly instructions are noted at the end of the list.)

Individuals may consider donating a whole bucket or just individual supplies. We also encourage multiple people/ families to work together to fill a bucket if unable to alone.

Bucket Supplies List:

  • (1) 14″ – 14 1/2″ tall 5 gallon bucket with resealable lid – buckets from fast-food restaurants or bakeries can be used if washed and cleaned. Do not use buckets that have stored caustic chemicals. Home Depot and Lowes have these buckets.  Advertisements on the outside of the buckets are acceptable.
  • *Liquid laundry detergent – *Two 25 oz. bottles OR *One 50 oz. bottle only
  • (1) Liquid household cleaner – 12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water; no spray cleaners
  • (1) Dish Soap – 15-28 oz. bottle, any brand
  • (1) Air freshener – aerosol can or pump
  • (1) Hand-held scrub brush – plastic or wooden handle, no toilet, kitchen or dish brushes
  • (18) Cleaning wipes – handi-wipes or reusable wipes, no rags or terry cleaning towels; remove packaging
  • (7) Sponges – Dry foam spongers – PLEASE NO CELLULOSE SPONGES
  • (5) Scouring Pads – No Brillo, SOS or other metal pads due to rust issues. Nothing with soap built-in; Wrapper removed
  • (50) Clothespins – Not loose in the bucket; place in gallon-sized, sealable bag
  • (24) Heavy duty trash bags – At least 1.5-2 mil trash bags, 33-45 gallon size; Box removed!
  • (5) Dust masks – Place in bag with clothespins
  • (2) Disposable kitchen gloves (pairs) – rubber or latex (not light-weight hospital gloves); packaging removed
  • (1) Work gloves (pair) – Heavy Duty cotton/leather gloves with leather or rawhide palm

To fill the buckets: Place all liquid items in the bucket first. Place remaining items in the bucket fitting them around and between the liquid items. Sponges and scouring pads can be separated so that all the items will fit into the bucket. Ensure that the lid is securely closed.

Monetary donations are needed too. Your checks can be made out to: “Presbytery of Carlisle” and designated DR000169 – Harvey.

Please send checks to: Presbytery of Carlisle, 3040 Market St., Suite 1, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

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