handicap_1061cFriendly Reminder ~ We have limited handicapped parking and we have many in our congregation who need the handicapped parking spaces to be available when they come for church activities.  Please DO NOT park in the handicapped spaces if you do not need to, AND, you need a handicapped tag for your car in order to use the spaces.  Thank you!


There are several parking options for the church. We recommend that you use the Beaver Avenue or Fraser Street Parking Garages. There are several disabled parking spaces on the second level. The only way to enter the garage is from Beaver Avenue – heading north. The entrance is ½ block past Burrowes Street.

The small church parking lot next to the church is close, but parking is limited. Enter from Beaver Avenue, just past the church. There are two handicapped parking spaces in this lot (see Disabled Services) and there are also four spaces at the Beaver Avenue end of the parking lot that are designated as handicapped parking spaces for SUNDAYS ONLY.

Beaver Avenue and Fraser Street Parking Garages
Parking is free in the Beaver Avenue and Fraser Street Parking Garages most Sundays. The exception  is PSU home football game weekends and special events weekends, when the borough charges. On  those Sundays be sure to stop by the Welcome Desk (outside the Church office) and pick up a parking voucher which will pay for up to three hours of parking on that Sunday for BEAVER AVENUE GARAGE ONLY (vouchers are not valid for the Fraser Street Garage). There is no charge to the church for this service. On regular Sundays, no parking voucher is needed.

Visitors may also park in the Beaver Avenue Municipal Parking Lot, next to the church parking lot.  This is a metered lot but parking is free on Sundays.

Parking Restrictions

There is no parking in the church parking lot’s lane along the yellow curb next to the church.  That lane is designated as a fire lane and must be kept clear of vehicles at all times (daytime, evening, Sundays).  Keeping the fire lane clear will enable vehicles to back out of marked parking spaces safely.  This has never been handicapped parking.

The Building and Property Ministry Unit wishes to remind the congregation that cars are NOT to be parked overnight in the church parking lot.  Vehicles parked overnight in the lot from Saturday night through Sunday have obstructed the Sunday-only handicapped parking spaces, and cars parked overnight have prohibited snow removal from portions of the lot.  “No Overnight Parking — Violators will be Towed” signs are posted to remind members and guests that cars cannot be parked in the church lot overnight and will be towed.  So, please do not leave a car parked overnight in the church lot.  Groups responsible for activities such as overnight lock-ins who need exceptions for overnight parking can arrange that through the church office and the towing company.

The parking lot has been painted to indicate the fire lane restriction, and signs have been posted.  Also the small sign with the arrow and handicapped parking symbol near the parking lot entrance directs attention to the handicapped entrance under the bridge.  It is not a sign indicating parking can occur along that curb. 

Please do not park in the fire lane at any time.  Cars parked in the fire lane at any time (including during Sunday services) will be subject to being towed. 

Other Parking Reminders

First National Bank Parking Lot

First National Bank graciously allows us to park in their parking lot adjacent to the drive-thru branch on Allen Street on IN THE MARKED PARKING SPACES SUNDAYS ONLY (Do NOT block the drive-thru or the ATM lanes).  At all other times the spaces are reserved for bank employees to come and go as they need to and unauthorized cars will be towed at the owner’s expense. If you are coming to the church to drop off or pick up your child at Stay and Play or for an after school/early evening weekday program please use the church parking lot, the municipal lot or the Beaver Avenue parking garage.

Post Office Lot

Please be reminded that parking is NOT permitted in the Post Office Parking Lot or the 15 minute parking spaces on Fraser Street that are provided for the use of postal patrons — EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS INCLUDED (the lobby where PO Boxes are located is open 24/7). Please use the church lot, the municipal lot next to the church, the Beaver Avenue or Fraser Street Parking Garage or any other areas designated by the Borough for public parking.