FISH is a total program of nurture and relationship building from dinner through closing circle. No one part of the program can be isolated and removed. A “tuition” has been established to help cover the cost of the weekly program for one youth for a full year. There are discounts if a family has more than one youth in FISH or other children in LOGOS. Full payment in September is preferable for budget and bookkeeping purposes, but other options are available. To register a youth, parents must complete a registration form and pay the tuition.


Tuition Rates for 2017-2018

1 Year 1/2 Year 1/4 Year
1 FISH Youth $200.00 $100.00 $50.00
1 FISH Youth &
LOGOS child discount
$183.00 $ 91.50 $45.75
2 FISH Youth $285.00 $142.50 $71.25
3+ FISH Youth $342.00 $171.00 $85.50

*Tuition is subject to change as needed

Other Tuition-Bearing Activities

FISH goes on 3 retreats and 1 mission trip each year. All youth are encouraged to participate in all of them. Separate tuition is collected for each trip to cover meals, travel, and housing. Trip costs are also aided by church support and fundraisers.

What When Tuition
Fall Retreat September    $75
Winter Retreat January    $75
Spring Break Mission Trip March    $250*
Assateague Week-Long Retreat June    $275*

*Tuition is subject to change as needed

No one will be excluded from the FISH program because of financial need. There are scholarships available. If you have a need, please contact: Associate Pastor for Youth and Mission Mike Ozaki or Martha Trout (both at 238-2422).  All scholarships will be given in the strictest confidence.  If you are interested in contributing to the FISH Scholarship Fund, please contact Martha Trout at 238-2422.