You do not have to be a member of SCPC to join FISH.  All High School youth are welcome!!  Any questions, contact Michael Ozaki, Associate Pastor for Youth and Mission (814-238-2422) or Martha Trout in the church office (814-238-2422).

The FISH Cookie Bake Fundraiser Is Back!

What is it?
FISH is preparing for their only fundraising event of the year: cookie baking!  These funds support the extra costs associated with our annual mission trip and Assateague Island retreat. Your youth make some of the most delicious cookies and frozen dough in exchange for your generous support of FISH (senior high outreach ministry).  The suggested donation is $7/dozen with the options of traditional Chocolate Chip (baked or frozen), our featured Monster cookie (gluten free ingredients, baked or frozen), and Sugar cookies (FROZEN ONLY)! This dough is a new option that can help ease all your holiday baking with a little easy customization after thawing.

3 Ways To  Support The FISH Cookie Bake Extravaganza!

  1. 1) Donate grocery gift cards to offset the cost of the ingredients.
  2. 2) Sign-up to donate raw baking ingredients – sheets are posted in the Social Hall.
  3. 2) PRE-order delicious cookies and dough.   (Frozen dough is an efficient long term option)

3 Ways to Order:

  1. 1) Place an order at coffee hour through Sunday, December 3.
  2. 2) Fil out an order form in the church office any time
  3. 3) Give your order to a FISH youth or leader..
  4. Our no calorie and gluten free option is also available by making a no-cookie donation!

How To Receive Your Order:
Cookies will be made on December 9 with orders available for pick up during coffee hour on the December 10, 10:15-11:00 am or delivered by a student if ordered from one. Thank you always for your generous support of FISH. Generations of youth have been blessed by you. God is good-all the time!

When FISH Winds Down …

June brings a flurry of activity to finish our program year.  On the first Sunday in June, FISH leads worship.  We sing, share scripture, share our stories, lead prayer, offer announcements and celebrate with the congregation.  It is something that we all look forward to doing together.  And  later in June, FISH heads out to Assateague Island (national seashore on the coast of Maryland) for our end of the year retreat.  We spend the week in a tent city on the beach playing together, doing work together in small group, and syncing up with the rhythms of the ocean and one another.  We love finishing our year this way and welcome your prayers of shared celebration.

FISH Worship Service

FISH Worship 2014

A picnic for all FISH youth generally follows the service from noon – 3:00 pm at a local park.  Assateague tents are set up to get ready for our retreat on the beach.

FISH Leadership

OZAKI.MIKE (Staff) Mike Ozaki, our Associate Pastor for Youth and Mission is responsible for the overall direction of the FISH program. leadership training and is the main contact person for parents and youth in FISH.



Contact FISH

Mike Ozaki, Associate Pastor for Youth and Mission

Martha Trout, Membership and Program Associate