This ministry, (which includes Stewardship) is responsible, under the direction of Session, for all the business and financial affairs of the church, including the recommendation of policies, development of procedures, and oversight of staff relating to those areas.

Its functions are:

  1. To oversee the counting, recording, and depositing of all monies received by the church
    To receive and sell securities contributed to the church
    To maintain accurate records of all contributions
    To provide donors with the appropriate record of their contributions
  2. To invest available funds in minimum risk, interest bearing instruments
  3. To approve all requests for payment
    To ensure that all properly approved invoices are paid
    To ensure prompt payment of salaries, including deduction and payment of withholding taxes and social security taxes
  4. To ensure that accurate books of account reflecting all receipts and disbursements are maintained
    To provide and interpret monthly reports of fund balances, income and expenditures to Session
    To cooperate with the Internal Audit Committee of the Congregation in their work
  5. To assemble and present to Session by September of each year a Goal Budget for the Stewardship Campaign, based on input from all Ministries and staff
    To present to Session in December of each year a final Operating Budget based on the Goal Budget and the Stewardship Ministry’s estimate of giving for the budget year
  6. To be responsible for all the financial affairs related to the 1994-95 Capital Project, including prompt payment of the mortgage and investment of funds.  Quarterly Building Financial Reports will be presented to Session and an Annual Building Financial Report to the Congregation
  7. To maintain adequate insurance coverage, including current inventory of all assets
    To keep and protect all legal documents, corporation papers, contracts and other effects of legal worth
  8. To be responsible for the business affairs of the church including, but not limited to, purchasing procedures, office equipment and computers
  9. To oversee the work of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

STAFF FOR THE MINISTRY:  Financial Administrator and Pastor

The Stewardship Committee carries out the corporate function of the church.  The chairperson serves as President of the Corporation, of which all Session members are Trustees.

Stewardship Committee:

  1. Develop and maintain a year-round Stewardship Program in the church, including such activities as:  encouraging good patterns of stewardship among officers and members of the church, recognizing that stewardship involves not only treasure but also time and talent; planning and conducting the fall stewardship emphasis in the church, including the securing of pledges; and keeping the congregation informed regarding financial matters and needs, in cooperation with the Church Treasurer and Finance Ministry
  2. Provide to the Finance Ministry Unit, by the first week in December, an estimate of giving for the following year
  3. Oversee each year’s special offerings such as One Great Hour of Sharing, Harvest Home, and Christmas Offering implemented by various other Ministry Units; and serve as clearing house for all fund raising appeals by organizations and groups in the church
  4. Encourage giving in addition to the annual operating campaign, including, but not limited to:  wills, endowments, capital funds, building fund

Current chair of Financial Affairs/Stewardship:  Bob Igo