coffee_2939c1_webCoffee Store is Closing … When it’s Gone, It’s Gone!

SCPC has for the past dozen years hosted a fair-trade coffee cart, selling quality and sustainable Equal Exchange products and switched over to fair trade coffee for Coffee Hour and church meals.  We began this effort to support just food efforts and to teach the importance of purchasing fair trade and organic products.   We participate in the Presbyterian Coffee Project as part of our Equal Exchange purchases, supporting the Presbyterian Small Farmers Fund.

A change this year is that the coffee cart sales will no longer be available.  We hope you have discovered the good of fair trade, and that you will purchase fair trade at our local grocery stores, where it has become more widely available.  We will continue to serve Equal Exchange in our church and have fair trade food products available at the Fair Trade Christmas Sale.  If you would like to purchase equal exchange products by the case, communicate with Diana Malcom (238-2422) for more information about that possibility.
coffee cart