20-to-30-something folks (single, dating, married, professional, grad, or unemployed, etc.), are always invited for the lively, casual gatherings once a month.  This is for the folks who are in the after-college  stage, and it varies for each person what that looks like. The name says it all – in our gatherings, we untap a rich conversation about God working in the world and in our lives.  This group likes good food, meaningful conversation, laughing, supporting and learning from one another.  Facebook is the one way to connect/participate:  “Theology unTapped-SCPC.”  You can also send Diana (dianascpc@gmail.com) your contact info as she sends a monthly email reminder of dates.

“Young Adult” is a vague term (see definition below)  

The young adults at SCPC are a dynamic community of graduate students and professionals in our community. As there is a constant flux of people coming and leaving for school, this community has a deep appreciation of the hospitality of our church.  Our young adults are also active throughout our congregation as part of the choir, bells, session, mission ministry unit, LOGOS, Chrysalis, and FISH leaders, and more.

Young adults get together at least twice a month: we meet for dinners at Otto’s on the first Monday of the month and luncheons after service on the third Sunday of the month. These meetings provide a place to deepen friendships and think about what it means to be faithful to Jesus in our current stage of life.  As our young adults are progressively becoming leaders in the church, we are grateful that SCPC is supporting and encouraging us along the way.

We hope that folks who identify themselves in this stage of life experience welcome within the whole life of the SCPC congregation.  

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Did you know that there are over 50 million people between the ages of 18 – 35 in the U.S. with energy, ideas, creativity, and passion.  The Young Adult ministry for/with this singles_8851c (1)generation is intended to help 20-30-somethings use their gifts, understand God’s call to them, provide hospitality and a place to ask meaningful questions about faith and life.

If  you are in this stage of life – beyond-college-age, maybe a grad student or just living and working in this community, maybe living at home as you figure out the next step – this ministry is for you.  SCPC Young Adult gatherings are a great way to be in community and learn more about your own faith.    During the regular program year, we gather on the 1st Mondays (dinner and drinks) and the 3rd Sundays (lunch after church).

These twice monthly gatherings are open to all.  You are invited to join the fun as you’re able.  You can learn more by joining our Facebook group “Theology unTapped – SCPC.” Or get in touch with Diana  to learn more about these gatherings or other church opportunities that will be a good fit for you.

Theology unTapped

If you are a 20-to-30-something person (single, dating, married, professional, grad, or unemployed, etc), YOU should come join this lively, casual group of SCPC folks who gather On the First Monday of each month from 7:00-9:00 pm.  These are not undergrads.  It’s the next stage, and it varies for each person what that looks like. The name comes from the fact that we get together once/month at  Otto’s Pub and Brewery on N. Atherton Street  for some God talk.  And, there are other spontaneous gatherings throughout the month as well.  This group likes good food, meaningful conversation, laughing, supporting and learning from one another.  Facebook is the easiest way to connect/participate:  “Theology unTapped-SCPC.”  If you’re not on FB, send Diana (dianascpc@gmail.com) your contact info so we can get you in the know.

MEETS:  First Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at Otto’s (ask for us at the main desk).  We each cover the cost of our own meal and/or beverage.

Young Adult Lunches

On the third Sunday of each month (Fall and Spring Semesters) we meet at SCPC for lunch (provided) at 12:15 pm in the Fireside Room (lower level of the church).  Table conversation offers an opportunity to explore how our faith informs daily life for each of us.

MEETS:  Third Sunday of each month from 12:15-1:15 pm in Fireside Room.
Also, please join us on Easter Sunday for an Easter Brunch (with College-age folks) at 12:30 pm in the Fireside Room

“Young Adulthood” as defined on Wikipedia:
young/prime adult, according to Erik Erikson‘s stages of human development, is generally a person aging from 20 to 40, whereas an adolescent is a person aging from 13 to 19,[1][2] although definitions and opinions vary  For a variety of reasons… young adulthood cannot be exactly defined – producing different results according to the different mix of overlapping indices (legal, maturational, occupational, sexual, emotional and the like) employed, or on whether ‘a developmental perspective…[or] the socialization perspective is taken
Despite all such fluidity, there is broad agreement that it is essentially the twenties and thirties which constitute ‘ Early adulthood…the basis for what Levinson calls the Dream – a vision of his [or her] goal’s in life which provide motivation and enthusiasm for the future’.