Childcare is offered for all worship services and most special events at the church.  Childcare is offered for parents who volunteer during our midweek LOGOS program as well.  Our youngest members are so important to us, and we work hard to make sure the rooms are loving and safe places for the children to explore.  Each room is staffed by paid caregivers and some volunteers, under the supervision of our Childcare Coordinator, Katie Stone.  Those wishing to volunteer in our Nursery or Toddler rooms can talk to Katie ( 814-235-0995) about the opportunities available.



Infant Room (Room 102)
Birth to steady walkers (approximately 18 months)

Toddler Room (Room 101)
Walkers (up to 3 years)



Nursery and Toddler Room Policies

  1. We will provide warm, loving care to each child in the nursery and toddler rooms.
  2. Sign your child in and write down your anticipated location in the building.
  3. We prefer to have the parents instead of siblings pick up the children.
  4. Clearly mark your diaper bag and bottles, caps, pacifiers, etc.
  5. Only children free of fever and diarrhea should come to church.
  6. We will place babies on their backs if placed in cribs, unless otherwise requested by parents.
  7. We change the crib sheets for every baby.
  8. We will come get you if your child becomes ill, gets hurt, or if after a reasonable amount of time, does not stop crying.
  9. All plastic and stuffed toys are washed regularly.
  10. We will change diapers as needed. We have our own supply of wipes. The changing tables are cleaned after each use, and all caregivers wash their hands after diapering each baby/child.
  11. If a toddler or older child in our care needs some sort of discipline, we will remove him or her from the situation and offer another activity or toy. We will use redirection instead of time outs.
  12. Parents are always welcome to stay in the room if you would like to be with your child or assist us in any way.
  13. Our rooms are peanut-free, so please refrain from sending in snacks that have peanuts in them.  Thanks!