The Senior Passage Program is intended to assist high school seniors with the transition from older childhood to early adulthood which occurs culturally during their senior year in high school.  Through a series of small group gatherings and experiential retreats, the young people will further claim their baptismal identities and gather valuable lessons and insights for adulthood. The program includes:

  • Senior Circles:  regular meetings with seniors and two or more adults to discuss questions of meaning, questions generated by the youth themselves and are intended to capture the feelings at this moment in their lives.
  • Senior Retreats: each fall and winter a retreat for seniors is offered to provide a further opportunity for seniors to reflect on the transitional year.  It’s also a time to discern gifts and consider what might be expected in the next stage of life.
  • Rite of Passage Event:  a 4 day retreat (one for males and one for females) meant to mark the change from youth status to that of adulthood by way of ritual and experiential learning.