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What is FISH?

FISH stands for “Fellowship In Senior High.” It is an outreach ministry of the State College Presbyterian Church to area high school youth – a program of the Education Ministry Unit.

In FISH the whole person is ministered to through a variety of activities, discussions, retreats and service/mission projects. FISH is designed to enable youth, with compassionate leadership, to develop strong moral and spiritual values. Leaders and youth together confront and discuss issues pertinent to today’s youth.

FISH is adults and youth in partnership. Its goal is to create a sharing and caring community to any high school youth wishing to participate. Without imposing religion, FISH leaders are called upon to share their experience of Christ’s unconditional love.


F.I.S.H is a Circle

A circle of friends, who stand together as an intentional community, committed to supporting and caring for one another.  Joined by hands and hearts we recognize that collectively we are more than we are alone.  The circle offers us a safe place to discover who we are and to be that together.  It’s a place where we are invited to come alive!

A circle in motion rolling back, remembering those who came before, and rolling ahead, eager to support those yet to stand within it.  Our tradition contains sacred rituals, rhythms and repetitions, songs, prayers, and celebrations.

A circle that grows, always maintaining room for one more. In the circle our differences are celebrated and our similarities affirmed.  We remain open to growing in quality and quantity.  We remain willing to take risks together, to try something new.

A circle that expands, reaching beyond to spread life and love to the world around.  As members of the circle we seek to serve even as we are served ourselves.  We practice compassion as our circle stretches to enfold others.

A circle with a center recognizing that wherever two or more of us stand together, the presence of something, someone greater unites us.  In the circle we stand face to face, recognizing the divine in each other.  At the Center we know God.  From the Center we know what it is to be forgiven and loved.  The same Center  dwells in each of us, as a light in the soul, inviting us to shine on the world.

FISH Leadership

OZAKI.MIKE (Staff) resized

Associate Pastor Mike Ozaki is responsible for the overall direction of the FISH program.

You can reach Mike at or by phone (238-2422).


FISH Activities

Retreats – for building community, looking at deeper issues of faith and life, we hold fall and winter weekend retreats as well as a week-long retreat to Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland to end the program year.

Mission Opportunities – a week-long mission trip over Spring Break to Pittsburgh to work with “Pittsburgh Cares”.

FISH Worship Service – on the first Sunday in June FISH youth lead the worship service at State College Presbyterian Church.

Fundraisers – necessary to supplement the cost of the program and help make mission projects and retreats affordable.

Thank You Event – A thank you to the congregation for all your support!  Usually held around Valentine’s Day.

Leadership Commission – First Wednesday of each month representatives from each small group meet with leaders before dinner to plan program topics, choose special event themes, address concerns, and make decisions on behalf of the larger group as necessary. The commission is affectionately known as the “FISH Commish”.