Esther Circle

The Esther Circle will meet on September 18 at noon in the Bistro at Foxdale for lunch.  Michael Ozaki has kindly agreed to join us for lunch and then he will present a talk in the Living Room at Darlington.  Please note:  You may pay for your lunch in one of two ways.  If you would like to use cash, please stop at the main desk to purchase a lunch ticket which will cost $7.20 and you have whatever you would like to eat.  OR you may use your credit card in the Bistro.  After Michael’s talk, we will have a short meeting to decide about our October, November, and December programs. We look forward to seeing you on September 18. If you have any questions, contact Priscilla Messerole (234-0363). Please note Priscilla will be out of town September 1-12.