Welcome to SCPC Adult Education with a variety of programs which continue to assist us in our faith journey.  As usual, programs are from 10:15-11:00 am on Sundays.  Suggestions for programs are always welcome.

April 2017

April 30 ~ How to Make a New Hymn Feel Old” in Westminster Hall

“How to Make a New Hymn Feel Old”

“I like the old hymns!” is a common cry around the church.  However, few of us were born with certain hymns in our DNA, so how do we get our repertoire of “old” hymns and how do we deal with new hymns to make them become our new old hymns?  Join us as we explore hymns and how to embrace them and make them yours.  Come to Westminster Hall.

May 2017

May 7 ~ “”Biblical Passages I Don’t Understand” with David Falk and Mike Ozaki in Westminster Hall

May 14 ~ “Getting to Know our Muslim Neighbors” in Westminster Hall

May 21 ~ “Introducing Hekima Place!” in Westminster Hall

May 28 ~ No Adult Ed – Single Worship Service at 10:00 am

“Biblical Passages I Don’t’ Understand”
David Falk and Mike Ozaki offer an engaging enactment of certain Biblical passages which sometimes lack clarity for us.  Perhaps they are passages not often seen in sermons.  We look forward to fresh insights on aspects of the Bible we need to better understand to help us strengthen our faith.  More details will be provided in the Sunday Bulletin on May 7.  We will meet in Westminster Hall.

“Getting to Know our Muslim Neighbors”
As we seek to know or neighbors, we are delighted to welcome some from our Muslim community to discuss living, working and studying in State College.  Rod and Brenda Khayat have lived in State College for 30 years and their two sons attend Penn State.  Rod is in IT work and Brenda is a SCASD elementary teacher.  They and others will share their experiences with us.  We will hear and better understand what life is like to be a Muslim in State College today.  Note that this will not be a comparative religion class, nor a discussion of politics or of the nature of international extremism.  Come to Westminster Hall for this interesting discussion.

“Introducing Hekima Place!”
For the past year, SCPC has supported two high school girls living at Hekima Place, a loving home for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kenya. On Sunday, May 21, The US Executive Director of Hekima Place, Katie Matson, will be joining us to talk more about the good work done at Hekima Place and how we can become more involved. “Hekima” means wisdom in Swahili, and this accurately describes the work done there:  to nurture and inspire the residents to grow into responsible, caring women who will make a positive contribution to their families, communities and their country as a whole.  Learn more at https://www.hekimaplace.org/  Join us in Westminster Hall for this inspiring presentation!


If you would like to contact someone in the church office directly, please e-mail the Church Secretary or call her at 814-238-2422.