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October 2017


October 22
“The Reformation” with Dean Lindsey (postponed from October 8) ~ Westminster Hall
“For Parents: A Conversation About the Spiritual Lives of High Schoolers”  with Mike Ozaki ~ Room 10

October 29
“Reformation Music” with Ned Wetherald ~ Westminster Hall


“The Reformation” ~ Dean Lindsey will continue and expand the discussion begun by Richard Page the previous week.  The political and economic lives plus the stance of the Roman Catholic church all combined to press the Reformation forward.

“For Parents: A Conversation About the Spiritual Lives of High Schoolers” ~ Mike Ozaki will focus on an aspect of teenagers’ lives sometimes not given much emphasis, due to secular pressures within that age group.  Many teenagers drift away from organized religion.  Parents can offer help in fostering their teen’s spiritual growth.

“Reformation Music”~ Ned Wetherald is well know for bringing meaning and life into music we may take for granted or tend to ignore.  Ned will clarify how music of this period came to be and how it influenced the Reformation.  There will be class participation through singing some of the Reformation hymns as well as examples of organ music of the Reformation.


November 2017

November 5
“Suicide in the Old Testament” with Paul Cho – Westminster Hall

November 12
“Jonah’s Story – 13 +” with Kimberly-Dawn Falk and Middle Schoolers ~ Westminster Hall
“Tax-Saving Giving to Support our Church” with Al Butler ~ Room 10

November 19 and 26
“John Calvin, His Life and Legacy” hosted by Curt Dell ~ Westminster Hall


“Suicide in the Old Testament”~ Paul Cho leads this discussion.  Suicide is increasingly an issue in American society.  For Christians, what the Bible says and doesn’t say about suicide is of interest.  We will survey those who either contemplate or commit suicide in the Hebrew Scriptures as an entry into this difficult topic.

“Jonah’s Story – 13+”~ Our Middle School Sunday School class will present this story to our adults.  Come see them wave a story with puppets and actors.  Please know, this ain’t no fish story!

“Tax-Saving Giving to Support our Church”~ Al Butler will review tax-free giving methods to save tax dollars when supporting “Restoring God’s House” and your yearly stewardship giving.  This analysis is based on research with the Presbyterian Foundation and the IRS.  You are also encouraged to discuss such giving with your Financial Advisor adviser and/or your CPA to determine its potential benefit to you.

“John Calvin, His Life and Legacy”~ Scholars and Reeformed church leaders use video to tell the powerful story of this sixteenth-century pastor.  Combining stunning photography with insightful scholarship and analysis, this project is the first definitive documentary to dispel myths or Calvin’s effect on the church and the course of Western civilization.  The class covers two weeks.


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