college_724cA new year of ministry with Westminster Presbyterian Fellowship (WPF) is underway and ALL of us are part of it.  WPF is the college-age ministry of State College Presbyterian Church.  This ministry is also a recognized religious student organization at Penn State, and maintains some space in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. WPF is any and all of the college students who participate in our worship services, activities, weekly gatherings, or events and mission/outreach opportunities. Undergraduates and graduate students participate in the ministries.

Hospitality and Welcome
WPF Invites YOU to be in ministry with the students who call SCPC their home-away from home.  Many of the students who come to SCPC appreciate worshipping in church near campus.  Some find us because they are looking for “Presbyterian.”  We have students that discover our group via brochures/flyers on campus.  Many students come to us because they are invited by a friend. They come for a variety of reasons, and they have
seek to be spiritually fed in numerous ways.  However they get here, the worship service on Sunday morning is often their first experience with us.  It is important that each and everyone of us welcome the students.  That may be the most important element of their worship experience – feeling welcome in a new place.  


  • Please introduce yourself, welcome them, ask them a little bit about themselves.
  •  Brochures are available in the back of the sanctuary to share with the students which will give them more information about the official ministry (WPF flyers for undergraduates and Young Adult Ministries for grad students).
  • And, if you can find Diana Malcom, please introduce the student to her or to other students nearby.

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