Sleigh Bells Ring — Are You Listening? ……Well, no, you are probably not listening to sleigh bells since it is the middle of summer. But since it is July, please do think “Christmas in July.” This is a program sponsored by Mission Ministry to help those of ourcmas_10434c-1 neighbors who are temporarily homeless. Within blocks of SCPC there are five residential programs for the temporarily homeless: the Centre County Women’s Resource Center  (CCWRC); Housing Transitions; and three locations for services operating under the umbrella of the Centre County Youth Service Bureau (YSB), including Stormbreak, Burrowes Street Youth Haven, and Independent Living. Summertime brings the end of the agencies’ fiscal year, making the funds few and the needs many. Christmas in July is SCPC’s attempt to help both residents and programs.

This is how it works: The mission bulletin board between the Sanctuary and the office displays a Christmas tree. Each “ornament” contains the name of an agency and an item requested. You take an ornament, purchase the item, and deliver it to the requesting agency. When you are delivering perhaps you will have an opportunity to meet some of our neighbors.  The bulletin board includes an envelope containing addresses, delivery times, and a map showing locations. Note that Burrowes Street Youth Haven is the drop-off/storage point for all YSB requests.

Because of the shelters’ security concerns, identify yourself as delivering a Christmas in July item from State College Presbyterian Church.

Please check out the Christmas tree, and may everyone have a Merry Christmas in July!


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