PC (USA) Leaders Condemn White Supremacy, Racism

The PC (USA) has responded to the violence that occurred recently in Charlottesville, VA. Click here to read the article.

Summer Open Choir Dates

The Chancel Choir has gotten a much deserved break while we have been worshiping on our single worship service schedule (Memorial Day weekend- Labor Day Weekend).  That means we get to enjoy special music during worship which includes “Open Choir”! No need to warm up or audition, just drop in at 9:00 am on our final Open

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Have Lunch with the Pastor at Wegmans!

On the 4th Wednesday of each month, join Dean Lindsey at 12:00 noon for lunch. We’ll be at Wegmans for the summer lunches!  Upcoming Dates: August 23

Sanctuary Work Begins in the September

General Contractor Hire We have contracted with C.L. Greenland, Inc. to renovate the Sanctuary interior starting after Labor Day,  For several months, the Sanctuary will be in various states of repair, but we will be able to worship in it each Sunday, as usual.  In addition, no work will take place from December 4th to

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Your Church Staff on Retreat ~ Wednesday, August 16

Your church staff will be on a day retreat on Wednesday, August 16 so the office will be closed. We will be spending time together reflecting on the work we are doing in the ministries that we share and how God is calling us to new areas of ministry.

SCPC Maintenance and Repair Team (SMART)

The SMART devotes the last Tuesday of each month, January through November, to repairing and maintaining the building and grounds of our Church. We do things like upgrade light fixtures to LED fixtures, painting, plaster repair, woodwork maintenance and staining, furniture repair, trimming shrubs and trees, etc.  Thanks to Glen Blume, Al Butler, Dale Cox,

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Tailgate on the Lawn ~ Sunday, August 27

Help kick off the Fall football season and greet our new and returning college students at the “new and improved Tailgate Brunch” at 11:00 am on the front lawn (weather permitting), immediately following the worship service on August 27. Please plan to bring the traditional tailgate items like brownies, cookies, fruit, or even a side

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Restoring God’s House Updates

Recently, our contractor, C.L. Greenland, Inc., completed work on 83 double-hung windows in the Education Building and the basement of the Sanctuary Building.  All windows are now double-pane, energy efficient, tilt-in windows.  The outside wood frames have been capped with aluminum and the lentils above the windows that support the brick overhead have been capped with

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First Ever POLO (Parents of Little Ones) Family Retreat!

Fall 2017 POLO Retreat ~ September 1-2 at Krislund POLO is having our first family retreat at Krislund Camp and Conference Center. For parents of children 6 and under, the whole family is welcome to attend as we get away for a special time of eating, playing and sharing fellowship together. In addition to family

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Middle School News

All 6th, 7th and/or 8th graders are encouraged to join the mid-week youth ministry for middle schoolers at SCPC this fall. If your youth hasn’t come before, arrange for them to “try it out,” come a few times, and maybe they’d like to bring a friend.   The good fun begins at 5:00 PM on Tuesday

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