Date: Sunday 21 May 2017

Time: 2:30 pm

Place: McCann School or Art, Petersburg, PA

On May 21 our Sabbath Away theme is:  The Power of Christian Emotions

Sabbath Away is a week early this month, on Sunday, May 21st at McCann School of Art at sabbathaway2017-12:30 pm.  Scott Kretchmar and Tony Leach will lead us in considering The Power of Christian Emotions.  We usually do not think of Jesus as an emotional person.  Neither do we Presbyterians often focus on emotions in our worship services, other gatherings, or our private meditations.  Our theology suggests we strike a balance between love and knowledge, emotion and reason, ardor and order.  But the balance often seems to favor the latter — correct belief over heart-felt commitment.  Thus, we will ask:  Is anything important missing in a faith that lacks emotion?  What power can be found in Christian emotions?

We will address these questions through short presentations, song, scripture readings, discussion, quiet meditation, and prayer.  We are fortunate to have Tony Leach and a couple of his Essence of Joy singers to discuss emotion in music and show the kind of energy present in Negro spirituals.

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All are invited to participate (usually on the last Sunday of the month) at the McCann School of Art.  Please note the time change, as Registration is from 2:00-2:30 pm.  Group Welcome and singing begins at 2:30 pm.

Contact Roger Garthwaite with any questions.