Date: Sunday 19 November 2017

Time: 3:00 pm

Place: McCann School of Art, Petersburg, PA

November 21 ~ “Hurry Up and Slow Down”

SFMU invites you to Sabbath Away, Sunday afternoon November 19, from 3:00-6:00 PM at the McCann School of Art in Petersburg (4144 Miller Road, 20 minutes from the church).  The afternoon will fellowship, worship, music, prayer and solitude as desired.  Our time together ends with a simple meal.  Sabbath Away is a special offering of the Spiritual Formation Ministry Unit, intended to deepen faith and build community. All ages are welcome and you’re encouraged to bring a friend.

The theme for our November Sabbath Away is Hurry Up and Slow Down, led by Ellen Coffman who will share personal reflections to encourage us in the practice of opening ourselves to God.  Being open and present for others and to God doesn’t happen automatically.  It requires intention and desire.   Learning to notice when God shows up is a huge part of the spiritual journey.   Slowing is a way we counter our culture’s mandate to tend to the bottom line, to move it or lose it, to constantly be on the go.  Through slowing we intentionally develop margins in our lives that open spaces for us to recognize God at work.   Jesus gave his disciples time and space to grow.  He was patient with the process.  To know something in the head does not mean it is activated in the heart and life.  Jesus knew this and invites us still to journey towards knowing God in our hearts and in our lives.

It is helpful for the Sabbath Away meal planners to have a count, so if you’re able, please RSVP in the church office at 238-2422 or