AEDsSCPC recently purchased and mounted two AEDs – Automated External Defibrillators in our building.  One is located just outside the sanctuary in the hallway on the way to the office, the other is in the lower hallway near the Social Hall.   Take note of their locations.  Even if you are not trained in their use, you could help save a life by retrieving an AED for an emergency responder.  AEDs on site can improve response time and hopefully improve the outcome for someone in need of care.

A number of SCPC members and most of our staff are already trained and certified in the use of an AED, and the Deacons will participate in training in the near future.

Generally when we make a purchase, we can hardly wait to get it home, open it up and try it out. But we make this purchase with the hope – and a prayer – that we’ll never need to use it.


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