In 1911 the Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. signed an agreement with the Synod of Pennsylvania and the State College Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. to “provide an adequate church home for the Presbyterian men attendant upon that institution.”   A section of that agreement reads:

IV.  The Church will arrange as follows for the students:

  1. Encourage the attendance of students at all public services, make no discrimination against them in the sittings, and charge them no pew rent.
  2. Provide suitable meeting places for student’s gatherings – such as Bible Classes, Socials, and the like, the character of such meetings being subject to the approval of the Session.
  3. A cordial welcome will be extended to students, as far as may be practicable, in the general life of the church.  

The first 100 Years of College Ministry at SCPC seem a good reflection of this contract.   And, no pew rent (that we know of) was ever charged!

We are fortunate to have Joanne Chuckran’s Church history, which shares much of the details.  Click on the document  “College Ministry at SCPC – the first 100 Years” for more information.