The Meditation Garden offers a beautiful, tranquil space for quiet reflection and meditation, as well as providing the option for those who would like for their cremation to be interred on church grounds.

The garden is open during regular church hours. Enter through the door by the parking lot entrance.

 While SCPC might lack vast expanses of grassy knolls and playgrounds for our young children, we DO have a wonderful courtyard (just outside the Social Hall) and a beautiful meditation garden outside of the parking lot entrance. This meditation garden was built to accommodate a most important feature of the church, the columbarium, which is a wall of niches that can be purchased much like a plot in a cemetery to hold “cremains” (the ashes of a cremation). The garden area provides a quiet place for reflection. The columbarium and the meditation garden were set up with the vision and direction provided by Jim and Sue Powers. The price for each niche provides resources for both the upkeep of the garden and for the establishment of funds to support the mission efforts of the church. It is a thoughtful way to support both the good work of SCPC and to resolve at least one difficult question about where to be buried. Please contact the Church Office for more information. 

door to Meditation Garden and Columbarium