The Vision

door to Meditation Garden and Columbarium

door to Meditation Garden and Columbarium

Jim and Sue Powers developed the vision behind the Columbarium, and through their generous and thoughtful gift, made the project a reality. The Powers chose cremation as their choice of burial and they wanted to be interned on the grounds of the church because it is so meaningful in their family’s lives. They discussed how they could help to make a church Columbarium a possibility, and also thought about how they could combine a Columbarium project with their interest in Mission work.

They were led to establish a Columbarium and Mission Endowment where one half of the cost of the Columbarium niche goes to mission work, within Centre County and beyond, and one half will be used for maintenance, urns, nameplates, and the future purchase of additional niches when needed.  With the installation of additional niches, the Mission funds will be in excess of $250,000.



  • Current or past church members, and members of their immediate family (see brochure for more details).
  • Current and former ministers, and members of their family.


The current one-time contribution is $2,000, per niche. Includes: up to two urns, all costs associated with inurnment, inscriptions on the plaque, and perpetual care. Does not include costs of cremation and other off-site costs. Fee may change in the future, to be determined by the Session.  

Purchase a Niche

  • Pick up packet in the church office
  • Complete the forms and submit payment
  • Application will be submitted to Session for final approval, then applicant can select niche
  • The church will reserve niches for church members whose circumstances preclude the reservation of a niche

The complete Columbarium Policy is available in the Church Office.